Who We Are

Hi, we are Splash and Ripple and we make extraordnary adventures

Splash & Ripple have a single mission: to make beautiful, genuinely moving experiences that put the participants at the centre of the action.

To do this they use a potent mix of eclectic tools – theatre, gaming, and digital technology – to create extraordinary adventures set in the real world.

You might find yourself in extraordinary situations like escaping prison, overthrowing authority or travelling through time. You’re given agency through clever use of tech and game mechanics, and because you live the experience it affects you deeply. Putting you in a place where anything is possible, where it’s safe to play with new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving

This approach is new. It’s so much more than immersive. It’s truly interactive. We firmly believe in it lies the future of popular and cultural entertainment.

Splash & Ripple is a unique and innovative experience maker – spanning real and digital worlds.