Capture the Musuem

Capture the Museum inspired young adults to ignite their curiosity and harness their competitive side in a huge digital multiplayer game which took over the National Museum of Scotland in 2013.

It’s a genuinely exciting addition to the museum experience and one that makes totally different use of the space. Innovating in such a complex building was always going to be challenging but I’m thrilled about what we’ve come out with. No-one has done anything like this before.

Hugh Wallace, National Museums’ Head of Digital Media

Capture The Museum, rejected any preconceptions about museum visits being slow pondering afternoons, and instead galvanised visitors to hunt down the museum’s most strange and amusing facts. The experience took the form of a territorial mobile enabled team game which stretched over the many floors, and exhibitions of the National Museum of Scotland.

Like a giant game of Risk or Trivial Pursuit, museum visitors joined one of two teams or ‘clans’ and had to claim as much territory around the museum as possible before their time ran out! Territory could only be claimed by solving puzzles and the answer to each puzzle was cleverly hidden within the museums many 1000s of fascinating exhibits. The game tapped into visitors’ mischievous, competitive sides, and encouraged them to band together in a tense hunt for hidden knowledge.

Capture the Museum showcased the exciting depths of the Museum of Scotland in 30 fast and furious minutes, motivating visitors to learn, battle and explore together.

Capture the Museum was commissioned by The National Museum of Scotland, created in collaboration with Thought Den