Echoscape: Sound and Memories of Maiden Castle

Echoscape introduced audiences to the generations of artists, warriors and thinkers who have visited or lived at the iconic Maiden Castle.

“When I first walked up here and I wasn’t listening to anything it felt like an interesting looking hill, but listening to the stories it teleports you to a different place and it doesn’t feel like you’re on the same hill anymore.”

Echoscape player

Though no foundations remain, the hilly iron age earthworks contain a rich tapestry of interweaving histories. Echoscape brought these to life, using Splash and Ripple’s trademark evocative audio storytelling. 

Visitors met historical figures like modernist painter Paul Nash and author, Thomas Hardy who had been influenced by the castle. They shared their time with fictional characters inspired by the historical atmosphere including Nonna, a wise Iron Age storyteller. 

The story was created to be enjoyed wherever the listener was, on the castle grounds or at home, making it accessible for those who hadn’t or couldn’t visit the site. Echoscape offered audiences an insight into the ancient landscapes which surround them.

A contemplative, rich audio experience, Echoscape asks us to consider our own place within Maiden Castle’s ongoing history.

Maiden Castle: An Iron Age Hill Fort (2017) was commissioned by English Heritage