Of Home and Each Other

Imagine being able to step into someone else’s life for a while…

Of Home and Each Other invited audiences to join Kelechi, a migrant to UK shores on her journey of love, loss and decision-making in the heart of Bristol’s busiest shopping district.

Splash and Ripple took this story out of the studio and onto the streets, using augmented reality storytelling to create a playful and throught provoking experience for everyone.

Audiences were given pair of headphones and a smartphone loaded with ground-breaking 3D sound recordings and video which brought Kelechi’s world to life. The experience was loosely based on the choose your own adventure model, putting the player at the heart of the action. Audiences lived through Kelechi’s joy and frustration at the bureaucratic spider web keeping her family apart and were faced with making decisions which would shape her life in Britain forever.

The project was inspired by the real-life testimonies of 23 migrants and written by Playwright Zodwa Nyoni, winner of the Channel 4 Playwright’s scheme. It was developed alongside a team of academics from the University of the West England, neuroscientists, psychologists, a game designer and a sound designer.

‘We give the audience the chance to explore and live the story for themselves, giving them a direct connection to Kelechi’s life. We hope it will enable you to see the world differently and who knows, it might even change your life a little bit.’

Rosie Poebright, Creative Director, Splash and Ripple.

Of Home and Each Other grew out of Splash and Ripple’s Empath project, and was created to spark and inspire our most powerful human qualities: compassion and empathy for one other.

Of Home and Each Other, Broadmead Shopping District (2018) was a Regional History Centre and Digital Cultures Research Centre project. Funded by AHRC for the University of the West of England, Bristol and Bristol City Council.

An Empath Project.

 Creative Team:

Creative Director, Rosie Poebright

Playwright, Zodwa Nyoni