Of Home and Each Other

Step into the shoes of a migrant in the UK with groundbreaking new audio experience ‘Of Home and Each Other’ from Splash & Ripple.

Imagine being able to step into someone else’s life and try it out for a while. Imagine understanding and feeling the hopes, fears and motivations of others from their perspective.

Of Home and Each Other is an interactive audio experience about migration that will come to Bristol’s Broadmead shopping district on Friday 7 December until Sunday 16 December.

Audiences start the experience in a McDonald’s restaurant. Here they are given a pair of headphones to wear and a mobile phone that enables groundbreaking 3D sound and takes them on a walk with the lead character in the story, Kelechi, as she and her family navigate love, security and belonging in the face of adversity. The actions they take on the streets of the real world shopping district influences their experience of Kelechi’s story, which they hear through her internal monologue, charting the events which lead her to uproot and create a new life in a new place.


The concept is by Splash & Ripple’s Creative Director Rosie Poebright and is written by playwright Zodwa Nyoni. It’s a brand new form of ‘real-world embodied storytelling’ about migrant experiences, developed over two years along with a team of academics from UWE, neuroscientists, psychologists, a game designer and a sound artist.