Passengers enabled Bristol Ferry Boat passengers to loose themselves in the sights, sensations and stories of Bristol Harbour.

Passengers was a digital art collaboration between Splash & Ripple Creative Director Rosie Poebright and documentary maker Rob Eagle, a specialist in augmented reality documentaries. Together they created a series of visceral audio documentaries designed to be listened to while bobbing along on the waters of Bristol Harbour.

The harbour is many things to many people; a bustling tourist hubub, a stormy metropolis of shipbuilders and a meditative haven. The team brought these diverse, layered worlds to life by capturing and carefully curating interviews with the people who make Bristol Harbour the place it is today. The documentaries featured the voices of merchant seamen, a shipbuilder and a ferry captain among others.

Passengers blended the narrative of the documentary with the audience’s experience on the boat using Splash and Ripple’s trademark imagination and sensitivity. When interviewees discussed the spray of the sea or the waves beneath, the audience didn’t imagine it, they felt it.

The recordings were also tailored according to the length of each ferry journey, so every ferry traveller could join in and gain an insight into the hidden depths of Bristol Harbour. Passengers transported travellers somewhere new in both body and spirit.

Passengers, Bristol Ferry Boats, (2018) was commissioned by Spike Island for Spike Island Open Weekend 2018, supported by the University of the West of England.

Creative Team

Creative Director, Rosie Poebright

Rob Eagle