Playable City Korea

Playable City Weekend was specially commissioned to provoke the Seol community to experience their day to day life in the city in new and playful ways.

We were delighted to be selected to join the British Council and Watershed’s Playable City Weekend in Seol as an international mentor and game producer. The aim of the weekend was to create surprising and innovative games or ‘interventions’ for use on Korea’s streets. The street games had to work across cultural and language barriers and we worked closely with local audiences to create approachable, dynamic experiences which sparked joy, laughter and, of course, surprise!

One of our most popular creations was the ‘Applause Mat’ which does what it says on the tin. When a member of the public stepped on this innocuous piece of carpet, special sensors underneath would prompt loud applause to erupt from camouflaged speakers surrounding them. This received a fantastic reaction with audiences jumping in shock, bowing or waving to their invisible fans and often coming back for another go. The team also worked together to transform a square into a vast gaffa-tape river, mimicking the river which ran through that street many years ago and invited locals to populate it with fish and other exciting creations.

We placed interactive games like this in popular locations around Seol to interrupt locals’ everyday with bursts of innovative and entertaining play.

Rosie was also part of the first-ever international Playable City in Recefe, Brazil in 2014, where she created The Woman In The Wall, (Link to The Woman In The Wall)

Playable City Weekend – Seol (2017) was produced by Watershed as part of the Connected City Programme by British Council Korea.