Shadows Follow

Dare you face your worst fears?

An ancient darkness is rising upwards from the old places beneath Bristol.  Bad things are happening. People are missing. Nightmares are becoming real. Dare you face your worst fears to find out what’s going on and escape the night unscathed?

Shadows Follow was Splash & Ripple’s ambitious first production – a psychological thriller experience for 130 participants designed to tap into the heart of people’s fears.  The audience were given a mission to aid Dr Winterwell in his search for his missing daughter Persephone and investigate a series of recent disappearances in the ancient back streets of old Bristol.  An intensely cinematic world was created through using incredible locations that made the most of Bristol’s most secret corners and terrifying ancient underground places.  Evading shadows to find clues, the tension grew as they got closer to the heart of the evil mystery and interacted with more characters until the story climaxed in an astonishing final scene.

This unique experience was designed with a powerful mix of interactive theatre infused with game play which gave the audience agency to effect the outcome of events rather than passively watch them happen. Further layers of involvement were created as the story unfolded over @splashandripple ‘s twitter feed during and after the game and players added their own interpretations of the story along with photos using #shadowsfollow.