Through Another’s Eyes

Through Another’s Eyes gave audiences an insight into the life-changing experience of being unexpectedly pregnant.

“Darling don’t worry, don’t worry because everything is going to be alright. Everything will work out in the end”
Player’s message to their character.

It’s more common than you might think. Every year one in 60 women in the UK will experience an unplanned pregnancy*. So why aren’t we talking about it? Through Another’s Eyes set out to start the conversation.

The project was inspired by the Brazilian story of the Woman In The Wall, an unmarried woman who fell pregnant and was walled up inside her house by her own father until she died. Creatives Rosie Poebright and Leo Falcao devised Through Another’s Eyes to explore the walls holding women back today.

The project is essentially a choose your own adventure story, enhanced with pioneering audio recordings and videos which allow the audience to step into their character’s mindset. With the simple addition of a pair of headphones and a smartphone players entered the mind of a young woman who has just discovered she is pregnant.

Splash and Ripple harnessed GPS technology to blur the barriers between the game world and the player’s real-life experiences. Players walked the same pavements as their characters and felt the same breeze on their face. They answered texts and calls from friends and relations of their character and the story delicately responded to the decisions they made.

Like all EmPath games, the experience didn’t direct what audiences should think or feel. Through Another’s Eyes simply offered the time and space for audiences to feel.

Through Another’s Eyes, Recife, Brazil and Bristol, UK, (2014) Through Another’s Eyes was devised as part of the Recife Brazil Playable City project in collaboration with film-maker Leo Falcao.

An EmPath project.

Creative Team:

Creative Director  Rosie Poebright

Film Maker Leo Falcao

Katherine Jewkes

Phill Tew

Daniel da Hora