The Women in the Wall

Playable City Recife Creative Lab, 2014

A collaboration between The British Council and Porto Digital, supported by Arts Council England.

The Woman In The Wall invited Recife citizens and tourists to step into the life of a local legend.

Since the second task I was already feeling like I was her, feeling anguished, wondering what if it were happening to me?

Audience member in Recife

In 2014 Splash & Ripple’s Creative Director Rosie Poebright was selected for Watershed’s first ever International Playable City Creative Lab in Recife Brazil. The programme brought creative technology experts and artists together in a new city to initiate playful and fantastic ways for residents to connect with each other and the city around them.

The project we created was inspired by the 150 year old urban legend of a local woman who was murdered by her father for becoming pregnant while unmarried. The legend goes that he was so ashamed of the dishonour she brought on the family that he walled her up inside the home they shared, and left her to die.

The Woman In The Wall gave a voice to the woman who had been silenced and brought her story bang up to date. Creative Director, Rosie and Film Maker, Leo Falcão developed an electrifying experience which allowed audiences to ‘walk in the skin’ of the woman as she navigated her local neighbourhood, Rua do Apolo, change her story and even help her escape.

The event combined live theatre, video messages, physical clues and more to transport audiences into the woman’s reality and sparked questions about the physical, social and mental walls women experience today.

After a powerful response from audiences in Recife, We redeveloped The Woman In The Wall for audiences in the UK, where it became Through Another’s Eyes.

Creative Team:

Creative Director       Rosie Poebright

Leo Falcao

Katherine Jewkes,

Phill Tew

Daniel da Hora